Dillon Montana Orthodox Christian Mission

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WELCOME... to the online home of the Dillon, MT, Orthodox Christian Satellite Mission.  We are under the guidance of Fr. Russell Radoicich, priest of Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Church in Butte, MT.

People of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to pursue their interest or curiosity about the Orthodox Christian Church and its history of "keeping what has been kept" from the time of Christ and His Apostles.

Pictures of Dillon's first Divine Liturgy

Dillon Mission featured on Orthodox Northwest blog

We meet monthly at 5:30 pm (except summer months) for informal Inquiry Classes with discussion/Q&A sessions, and every three months we celebrate Friday Vespers and Saturday morning Divine Liturgy. The University of Montana-Western is graciously allowing us time and space in the Swysgood Technology Center for both classes and services.

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Fr. Russell Radoicich of Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church in Butte will join a panel of five leaders of various religions to discuss “The Nature of Faith” at a special presentation sponsored by the Honor Students of UM Western on Jan. 22, 2015, at 5:30 pm.  The small auditorium on the third floor of Main Hall on the UMW campus will be used for the panel discussion/debate, which will be followed with a question/answer period for those attending.  The public is invited and encourage to attend.

For further information or questions/directions, you can call Toni Sullivan at 406-865-0081.


A top agricultural center, it is located in Montana's southwest corner, in Beaverhead County, which is the largest county in Montana. It is the county seat and the center of Montana's largest cattle and hay producing areas. Population is around 4,000, not counting the enrollment of UMW, but it is also the major trading area for over 13,000 people in Beaverhead and western Madison counties.


From Interstate 15, exit at mile marker 62 onto Atlantic Street. After approximately 1/4 mile turn right onto E. Poindexter St., which extends about two blocks and curves into a parking lot on the UMW campus near Keltz Arena on the north side, and the library and Swysgood Technology Center on the west side, with a connecting overhang and walkway between the two. The Technology Center is on the right (north of the library) and downstairs in the casual seating area of The Cup, a coffee shop, we meet for Inquiry Classes and discussions. Upstairs in the Great Room (third floor)Vespers and Divine Liturgy is held every three months.


John Xanthopoulis - (406)660-0558 or email at j_xant@yahoo.com
Toni Sullivan - (406)865-0081 or email at bar-os@zipmt.com


Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of God.